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Booking Guidelines:


Please send our booking agent a short solicitation with the name of your act in the subject heading to bookingforleftys@gmail.com or use the form below.  Be sure to include the date/potential dates you are interested in playing, your contact info and anything we should know about your band.

Please do not send any MP3’s or file attachments in the email.  However, do send us a link to your website or page where we can stream your music.  There are plenty of free websites that allow you to set up streaming.

Due to the overwhelming volume of requests we receive for booking, we only respond to emails when we think something might work.  Feel free to follow up with another email a few weeks later, but we can’t promise to respond to all emails.  We do promise to look at them all, so the easier you make it for us the faster we can find the right show for you.

Please take note:  Lefty’s want your show to be the best show possible.  Our Thur. – Sun. shows are not for entry level bands.  When your band is ready for the next step we will be here for you.

Please also take note:  When considering dates we request bands not play anywhere else in the Des Moines area within 10 days before or 7 days after the scheduled date (2 weeks for touring bands).  This will only increase the anticipation for your show at Lefty’s and make ours that much better.  Please inform us if you are hoping to book another DSM show in that time frame, as we can always make exceptions.

Once You Are Booked:

Your show details will be in your contract or have been outlined by the booking agent, including set times, load in, sound check, parking, and hospitality.  Designate one person to check in with the venue manager when you arrive.

We do have rear loading and parking for acts.  Please let us know 2 weeks in advance if you require parking for anything larger than a van with trailer.

Please also make special requests for limited green room access.  We built it with you in mind, but cannot fit 5 bands in there.

Last but not least we are now Family!  If we have taken the time to book you then you are special to us, and we will do anything we can to make your experience great.

Send Posters/Promo Materials To:

Lefty’s Live Music

Attn. Erik Brown


Lefty’s has been designed with the best sound in mind. Our system, room acoustics, and skilled engineers ensure a memorable listening experience for your audience.

Board: Midas M32 (32 channel digital mixing console)
Monitors: 3x Yamaha Club Series 12 inch w/horn, 1x JBL JRX 215 drum wedge w/EV 18″ sub.
4 independent wedge mixes + 2 aux mixes for in-ear monitors for a capacity of 6 independent monitor mixes.
Onstage: 32 XLR/1/4 inch inputs, 10 DI boxes.
Vocal mics: 6x Sennheiser 835, 2x Shure SM58’s.
Drum mics: 3x Sennheiser e604
Other Mics: 10x Shure SM57
Kick: Audix D6, Shure Beta52a.
Mains: EAW LA Series Tops and Subs.

12,000 watts Front Of House.

Remote mixing capable through iPad app.
Lights: 10x 180 watt LED high spectrum cans.
Hazer is provided when needed.

2307 University Ave.

Des Moines, Ia.  50311

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Please email your booking inquiry to:

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