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The Murder Junkies “G.G. Allin 30th Deathaversary Tour”


The Murder Junkies “G.G. Allin 30th Deathaversary Tour” w/ 3 Finger Betty & Joint Pain

Black Heart Booking presents…
The Murder Junkies – punk / shock rock / scum punk from New York City
3 Finger Betty – cow punk/garage rock from Des Moines, IA
Joint Pain – rock / metal / groove / alternative from Des Moines
$20 at the door
Best known as being shock rocker G.G. Allin’s last backing band, the Murder Junkies carried on even after their leader’s drug-induced death in June of 1993. When Allin emerged from prison during the early ’90s and wanted to resume his recording/touring career, his brother, Merle Allin, assembled a band for him. Included was Merle himself on bass, drummer Dino Sex, and guitarist William Weber (the latter of which moonlighted in another group, the Chrome Cranks). G.G. Allin & the Murder Junkies managed to complete several tours together from 1991 through 1993, as well as issuing an official studio album (Brutality & Bloodshed for All), and was featured in the excellent G.G. documentary, Hated. As evidenced in Hated and the post-mortem release, Res-Erected, former Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone was a brief member of the Murder Junkies, as a guitarist.
This 2023 Scumfuc Family Tour commemorates the 30th “Deathaversary” of G.G. Allin. The Murder Junkies will be playing selections from G.G. Allin’s full catalog of work on this unique tour, which is something they never do for live performances, so this is sure to be a special show!
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