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Lefty’s Live Music is a 350 capacity concert hall and full service bar in Des Moines Iowa. Our business model is focused on quality entertainment, quality sound and quality atmosphere where all genres are welcome. A space that can accommodate everything from large touring bands to garage bands, Lefty’s was born from the old adage “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” Des Moines is home to a diverse and talented music culture and a sound-centric venue is necessary for its continued growth.

House Sound:

Lefty’s has been designed with the best sound in mind. Our system, room acoustics, and top shelf engineers make 

Board: Midas M32 (32 channel digital mixing console)
Monitors: Yamaha Club Series 12 inch w/horn, 4 independent monitor mixes, including drum wedge w/EV 18 inch sub.
Onstage: 32 XLR/1/4 inch inputs, 10 DI boxes.
Vocal mics: 6 Sennheiser 835’s, 2 Shure SM58’s.
Drum mics: 3 Sennheiser Evolution Series 605’s, and 10 SM57’s
Kick: Audix D6, Shure Beta52a.
Mains: EAW LA Series Tops and Subs.

12,000 watts Front Of House.

Remote mixing capable through iPad app.
Lights: 10 180 watt LED high spectrum cans.
Hazer is provided when needed.

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Lefty’s is 100% committed to working with the best local brewerys in the state.  We are always adding seasonals!  Please check through our current options:




Recently added:  Soundcheck IPA (PeaceTree Brewery), and South Citra (Confluence).

We are also proud to bring you some tasty munchies exclusive to Lefty’s:

Mo’Rub nuts and snacks.

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